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SCOOTER RALLIES     1980's Style 


from the British Scootering Scene.....................




Were you one of the thousands who rode to the Scooter Rallies during the 80's ? Were they some of the best times of your life ? Read on, relive the memories and enjoy the many rare films on this scooterists website....................

Do you remember travelling all night long ( Stopping for fag breaks , fuel stops , a ruck with the grebs or trendies , breakdowns , the law , a cafe , the pub , blow outs etc ) to get to Scarborough , the Isle of Wight , Porthcawl , Whitley Bay , Skeggy , Keswick , Dunbar or even Donnington ? Anywhere really ! Only to sleep rough in a bin liner , on a bench , garage forecourt or in the services ? Did you love the thrill of the invasion , the safety in numbers , the travelling in packs , the chaos it caused , the confrontations , the weekends away ?

Did you collect all the club and rally patches ,the famous Paddy Smiths ?


Were you on 'L' plates , did you take them off to go up motorways , to take passengers , did you get nicked or banned ? Did you share number plates , tax discs and licences or memorise mates date of births just to get to a rally ? Or did you go the back routes for ages and ages only to run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere ? Did you get stuck overnight , freezing and tired? Where did you sleep , what did you do and what did the morning bring ?

Did you love staying up all night , the pubs , the clubs , the dodgey pub games , the music , the dancing , the fights , the boozing ? The drugs ! The different towns , resorts , scenery, the people , the accents , the north v south , the Scottish Rallies , the Welsh Rallies and National Rallies ?

Were you in the troubles at Keswick , Scarborough , Skeggy , IOW , Whitley Bay , Yarmouth , Morecambe , Brighton ( anywhere really ) ? Were you arrested , attacked or beaten up and by who ? Do you remember 'Sands' at Skeg , the marquees .....the one where it was set on fire , the bloke who fell through the roof , the lights going out etc ?

Fighting on the way to or back from the scooter rallies , in the M6 services , on the roads and villages in East Anglia , in Liverpool , Manchester or London.

80's Rally Photos  >>>        <<<  80's Rally Photos

These were the days of Maggie Thatcher , Yosser Hughes , the summer riots of Toxteth etc , the miners strikes , the Falklands war and the massive scooter rallies!

Were you in Yorkshire in the late 70's with your tuned Lambretta's ? Into Northern Soul ( or not ) ? Were you a mod in the early 80's (the mod revival) , a face , a No.1 & later a scooterboy , a scooterskin , a trendie , into kingkurt , ratbikes , cutdowns , ratscooters , a scootergirl or any sort of scooterist ? Do you remember when Quadrophenia came out, the Lambretta's , Buster , the Who , the Specials, the Jam , UB40 , Ska , Secret Affair , Dexy's or any other group? What was your fashion , mod , rockabilly , adam ant fever , skin , whatever ?

Did you meet your partner on a scooter rally or scooter run ? Or did you loose your loved one to scootering and want to tell their story ?

What was your worst or favourite 8o's scooter rally, when and why?

Did you have a custom  Lambretta or Vespa , chopper , cutdown , racer , mod or rat scooter ? Was it one of the famously reliable P200E's or the fantastic Italian GP200's or a classic TV, SX, Li or Rally 200 ,GS or small frame ?

  80's Rally Films  >>>      <<<  80's Rally Films

Did you sleep rough , use the camping facilities ( joke ) or be lucky enough to get digs? Were you in a club , one of the massive ones , a small group or just go on your own? Were you involved in interclub rivalry or worse interclub fights or fights with bikers, what was the outcome? Did your club split dissolve or get bigger and better.

You might be a greb , rocker or biker ( gawd forbid ) , whats your side of the story ?  Or a skinhead from the early 80's when you used to turn up at a seaside resort on the bank holidays by train to confront the mods & scooterboys !

Maybe you were a copper and have a story or two to tell ( my mate was both a scooterist & copper until they stopped him )! What antics did you or your mates get up to , the good , bad and ugly ?Did the rallies and scootering make , change or break your life?

Were you there ? Do you still go on scooter rallies? Scootering in the 80's was where it was at. Relive the memories, this is biggest untold story on the net. Take a look , see the photo's watch the films, this is the scooter site for you!

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